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This page is designed to answer most of your questions regarding organization of the

  • tutorials and
  • exams.

Please read the following carefully. If after reading you still have questions, please contact someone from the teaching team.


Participation in exams requires admissions (see below). Admissions to exams are obtained among the other things via earning sufficient amounts of points on homework assignments. Solutions of homework assignments are checked and graded by tutors. Correct solutions are presented and discussed at tutorial sessions, which occur on a weekly basis. The following tutorial slots are available.

  • Monday, 14:00 in SR 016, E 13
  • Monday, 16:00 in SR 016, E 13
  • Tuesday, 14:00 in SR 014, E 13
  • Tuesday, 16:00 in SR 015, E 13

While the attendance is optional, we recommend you to be present.


To evenly distribute the workload on tutors, we kindly ask you to register at this website and vote on your preferred tutorial slots. Upon your registration, the best possible tutorial slot (based on your preferences and the actual occupancy of the tutorials) will be allocated for you.


There will be 8--10 homework assignments. The assignment sheets will be published in both paper and electronic form. The paper version is distributed in the lecture hall, the electronic version - via the lecture website (see Materials). The solutions must be handed in also in the lecture hall, before the beginning of the lecture. The due date for each homework assignment will be specified on the assignment sheet. Your solution to a homework assignment must contain the following information in the heading: the assignment number, your first and last names, your matriculation number, and your tutorial slot. Solutions containing multiple names/matriculation numbers in the heading are discarded. Normally, graded solutions can be picked up at the first tutorial session after the assignment due date.


You are allowed to collaborate with other students. However, everybody must do his/her own writeup of the solutions! The general form of this cooperation is regulated by the following, more general rule. In case your solution contains ideas that you did not generate yourself (e.g., you found A in printed literature B, Internet resource C, or conversation with person D, etc.), you must explicitly state so (i.e., you must list all borrowed ideas in the heading of your solution in the form: used A from B/C/D). Violations of this rule are considered to be equal to copying.


For asking questions on the contents of the lectures and homework assignments and getting help outside the tutorial sessions, a dedicated forum is available. To access this forum, please use the same account credentials that you use to access this website. Before posting, please make sure you have read the forum rules. Note, if you do not want to receive notifications about new topics/comments via email (the default configuration), please change the settings of your forum account.


There will be three exams: a midterm exam, an endterm (final) exam, and an optional repeat exam (re-exam). Their dates and durations are listed below. (Note, the locations of the exams among the other things depend on the actual numbers of participants, and therefore will be announced later.)

  • Midterm: December 12th, 16:00-18:00
  • Endterm: February 12th, 09:00-12:00
  • Re-exam: April 3rd, 11:00-14:00

Despite that all three are closed-book written exams, certain form of cheating is allowed. Namely, you are allowed to bring a so called "cheat-sheet" (one sheet of A4 format) with arbitrary content that is supposed to help you during the exam. Note, you are not allowed to pass your cheat-sheet to other participants during the exam or carry it with you if you want to leave the lecture hall before the exam ends.


In order to be admitted to the midterm exam you have to achieve at least 50% of the possible points on the homework assignments. To be admitted to the final exam you must have passed the midterm and also have achieved at least 50% of the points on the homeworks in the second half of the course. In order to be admitted to the repeat exam you must have achieved at least 50% of all possible homework points.


Once you have been successfully admitted to the final exam (and you want to participate), you must register in HISPOS, the official examination system of the Saarland University. The registration (un-registration) in HISPOS closes one week before the date of the final exam.


Your final grade will be determined by your performance on a midterm exam (40%) and a final exam (60%). Alternatively, the grade can be determined by your performance on the repeat exam only.

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